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Monday • December 04, 2017

The Road to Value in 2017-18: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Stakeholders across the healthcare industry wondering whether the road from volume to value is still open might notice a Road Work Ahead sign and possibly a detour or two. This is in…Read More

Wednesday • November 08, 2017

The Value of Quality

    The progress toward a value-based system is marked with fits and starts, including push and pushback on the need to track and report on the quality of care and outcomes….Read More

Monday • November 06, 2017

FDA Drug Approvals and Crowd-Sourcing Evidence

Review the FDA’s Novel Drug Approvals in 2017 and you’ll find an average rate of about one approval per week, many of which are ahead of schedule. While it’s fashionable to grumble…Read More

Tuesday • October 31, 2017

The Art of the Power Introduction

We all make introductions all the time, whether formal or more social and casual ones. The question for the business environment is, do you make good introductions? And more importantly, do other…Read More

Monday • October 16, 2017

Top 5 Account Manager Skills

In the professional world today, there is an increasing need for effective account managers. Account managers must learn how to balance a relationship with clients and the ability to meet specific goals…Read More

Tuesday • October 10, 2017

Healthcare Market Trends

Losing the forest for the trees is all too easy in the healthcare world.  The evolving politics, disrupting technologies, innovative alliances and models of financial agreements between stakeholders each alone is the…Read More

Monday • September 25, 2017

Where ACO’s are Headed

  Accountable care organizations (ACOs), a subset of Alternative Payment Models (APMs), are the subject of a recently published study assessing the growth of ACOs and APMs in recent years. To understand…Read More

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