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Thursday • March 22, 2018

Shot Clock Ticks on the ACA Health Exchanges

  Following ACA health exchange policy has been like watching a basketball game just as the shot clock buzzes: just when you think it’s a slam dunk and the outcome is certain,…Read More

Wednesday • February 14, 2018

Drug Pricing Wars Alive, and Well?

Recent budget proposals and a white paper released from the White House include a fresh emphasis on lowering drug prices using methods that could have pharmaceutical manufacturers losing sleep. The recent proposals…Read More

Tuesday • February 13, 2018

Healthcare MarketWatch Update February 2018

Drug Pricing: Policy proposals from the White House designed to encourage lower drug costs for patients made headlines in early February. This is just days after an op-ed published in Health Affairs…Read More

Monday • February 05, 2018

Commercial Health Plans Primer

Commercial health plan lives represent just over half of the US population, making this channel critical for account managers to understand. Most commercial insurers use pharmaceutical benefit managers (PBMs) to negotiate with…Read More

Sunday • December 10, 2017

Managed Markets Primer

Managed Markets account managers continue to face huge competition in an ever-evolving market. Whereas understanding preferred status and step therapy concepts were once mission critical, now account managers also need to acquire…Read More

Monday • December 04, 2017

The Road to Value in 2017-18: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Stakeholders across the healthcare industry wondering whether the road from volume to value is still open might notice a Road Work Ahead sign and possibly a detour or two. This is in…Read More

Wednesday • November 08, 2017

The Value of Quality

    The progress toward a value-based system is marked with fits and starts, including push and pushback on the need to track and report on the quality of care and outcomes….Read More

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