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Wednesday • November 08, 2017

The Value of Quality

    The progress toward a value-based system is marked with fits and starts, including push and pushback on the need to track and report on the quality of care and outcomes….Read More

Monday • November 06, 2017

FDA Drug Approvals and Crowd-Sourcing Evidence

Review the FDA’s Novel Drug Approvals in 2017 and you’ll find an average rate of about one approval per week, many of which are ahead of schedule. While it’s fashionable to grumble…Read More

Tuesday • October 10, 2017

Healthcare Market Trends

Losing the forest for the trees is all too easy in the healthcare world.  The evolving politics, disrupting technologies, innovative alliances and models of financial agreements between stakeholders each alone is the…Read More

Monday • August 28, 2017

Taking (and Making) the Leap into Pharmaceutical and Biotech Sales

Professional training comes in many forms these days, with online resources touted as an answer to the relatively higher cost of in-person training. But with research showing an ROI of 521% on…Read More

Friday • August 18, 2017

Value-Based Reimbursement Healthcare Primer

“Value-based” is a term used for everything from communication styles to contracts. The latter is the one we are interested in and the concept is easy enough to grasp — pay for…Read More

Wednesday • July 19, 2017

What is MACRA?

What is MACRA?   Despite being called the most significant healthcare legislation since — no, not the Affordable Care Act — but since Medicare was enacted in 1965, MACRA has been predicted…Read More

Wednesday • July 12, 2017

Medicare: Where do we go from Fee for Service?

Medicare: Where Do We Go From Fee For Service? At just over 50 years since inception, Medicare accounts for 15% of federal spending and covers over 57 million lives. With 10,000 baby…Read More

Thursday • June 15, 2017

Managed Care 101 Primer

Managed care is not what it was meant to be. Even 20 years ago one of the structural engineers of managed care acknowledged a significant discrepancy between the real managed care world…Read More

Tuesday • May 23, 2017

Is Too Much Quality a Bad Thing?

They say there can never be too much of a good thing, but in the quality measurement world, too many quality measures get in the way of better quality of care, the…Read More

Tuesday • May 09, 2017

Evolving Landscapes: Health Plans & PBMs

Once seen as allies, more and more health plans and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are in tough PR and even legal battles with each other, as described in our recent blog. It…Read More

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