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Tuesday • October 31, 2017

The Art of the Power Introduction

We all make introductions all the time, whether formal or more social and casual ones. The question for the business environment is, do you make good introductions? And more importantly, do other…Read More

Tuesday • November 08, 2016

Building and Positioning You and Your Company’s Value Proposition in the Quadruple Aim Era

By Ryan Evans, Senior Partner Customers purchase products, services and you because of a compelling value. Each of your company’s offerings should have a clearly defined value proposition behind it – a…Read More

Wednesday • October 12, 2016

How Today’s Companies are Investing in Learning & Development

By: Peter Haines, Manager, Client Media Marketing In today’s fast-paced world, top-performing companies are seeking new and alternative ways to facilitate learning and development in the workplace. With increased pressure to produce high…Read More

Tuesday • October 04, 2016

What We Can Learn from Captain Phillips

Recently we had the opportunity to hear Captain Phillips of the Alabama Maersk, Somali pirate and the Tom Hanks-fame speak at the Philly SHRM Symposium. The key take-a-ways from his talk were: You’re stronger than…Read More

Tuesday • September 27, 2016

How to Handle “Mortal Enemies” When Presenting

By: Matt Toresco Imagine: You are presenting to one of your largest clients or prospects. In attendance is the chief decision maker and his or her associates. It’s going fantastic. You’re addressing…Read More

Tuesday • September 20, 2016

Critical Success Factors in the Digital Economy

Every two years, IBM surveys 1,500 CEOs worldwide to get a pulse of business opportunities and issues. In their most recent survey, the CEO Study found that the critical success factors moving…Read More

Tuesday • August 09, 2016

Leveraging Pharmaceutical Economic Outcome Data

By: Ed Roberts Currently, pharmaceutical companies must complete four phases to bring a drug to market: Pre-clinical testing (drug discovery)-Non humans Phase 1-Determine safety & dosage on human volunteers Phase 2-Evaluate effectiveness…Read More

Monday • July 18, 2016

The Learning & Development Holy Grail: Attention

Authored by: Matt Toresco, VP of Account Management & Business Process Training Let’s take this into the world of Learning & Development (L&D), where we as L&D professionals are trying to reach…Read More

Monday • June 27, 2016

What is Micro-Learning?

By: Matt Toresco Micro-learning – we have all heard the term, but what does it really mean? Words like “snackable,” and “bite-sized,” are often used to describe micro-learning, but in essence, it…Read More

Wednesday • May 25, 2016

Our Inaugural Revolutionize Your Business Training Program

By: Dan Brooks The Brooks Group hosted our inaugural Revolutionize Your Business training May 17-19, 2016. Attendees ranged from a Managing Partner of a mergers and acquisitions company, to an Executive Director…Read More

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