Move Your Agenda Forward with In-Person Presentations

At the end of the day, business is all about people – and that is especially true in sales and account management. Unfortunately, in the fast-paced world we live in, it is easy to get into the routine of emails, web conferences, Skype, and conference calls and forget about the importance of face-to-face communication – remember the power lunches of the 90’s? Certainly these digital channels provide value in the modern business age – they make communication much easier for a busy professional – but so much is lost in a conversation when you cannot read a facial expression, assess body language signals or take into account the tone of a person’s voice.

It’s time to bring back the in-person meeting! There is nothing more powerful than a face-to-face connection when presenting new ideas that require buy-in from key stakeholders.

So how do you change the paradigm?

First, identify which conversations are worthy of an in-person meeting rather than a quick email. While an email may be faster, is it going to generate the results you need, and quickly enough? New initiatives, products, or services generally always require an in-person conversation – where you can read the audience and get instant feedback.

To truly maximize the conversation, you need to be sure your communication skills are top notch. Would the meeting have more impact if you could:

• Concisely deliver your executive summary?
• Get yourself “power introduced?”
• Effectively read and engage your audience?
• Proactively engage the “tough crowd?”
• Close powerfully with a clear plan of action?

Of course! So, work on mastering these skills – and continue to work on them over time! At The Brooks Group, we offer training programs that bring together executives from all industries to develop and refine these skills, proven to translate to engaging, persuasive and powerful interactions with executives at all levels.

There are other tips and tricks that foster effective meetings, but these will set you down the right path. The first step is putting down your computer, phone, or tablet and heading out for face-to-face communication in the real world.
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