How Today’s Companies are Investing in Learning & Development

By: Peter Haines, Manager, Client Media Marketing

In today’s fast-paced world, top-performing companies are seeking new and alternative ways to facilitate learning and development in the workplace.

With increased pressure to produce high quality work and retain employees, it’s imperative that companies engage employees so that they become critical team members. Investing in your people has short- and long-term advantages for both your organization and your employees.

By offering your employees the ability to learn and grow within the company, they can more effectively do their job. They also can move forward with the confidence that their company values them enough to invest in their future and enhance their skillset.

Similarly, when an organization takes the time to nurture its workforce, it ultimately realizes a competitive advantage, both via employees who are well-trained and knowledgeable, but also via improved performance, increased productivity, and less turnover.

An Effective Learning & Development Program

The key to an effective learning and development program is finding the right provider, who can adapt to your environment and align with your goals to produce the results you need.

As millennials rise up through the workforce, online learning is expected. A younger generation needs training options that appeal to their culture and methods for retaining information. And, as budgets tighten, online learning allows your team to benefit from the material without added travel expenses. At The Brooks Group, we offer industry-leading training programs for client-facing employees across all industries. For today’s busy professionals, we provide on-demand, online training.

We also understand that no two companies are alike, which sounds like an obvious statement, but is an important point when it comes to learning. Actionable information needs to be relevant to your team’s situation – industry, size, clients, etc. While we do offer pre-packaged solutions for companies who don’t require a tailored program, we can also work with you to develop a customized solution that meets your organization’s needs.

And, for those organizations whose company culture necessitates in-person training, we’ve got that covered too. Our Open Enrollment programs are ideal for individuals or small groups and are held at our corporate facility in downtown West Chester, PA. Any of our Open Enrollment offerings can be customized to meet your team’s needs. For groups larger than 12, we also offer customized, off-site training programs.

The easiest way to maintain a productive workforce is by leveraging the #1 resource you have – your team. Empower your employees with the tools and knowledge they need to effectively produce high quality work that has a measurable impact on your organization and implement a learning and development program today.


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