Between the creation of quality-based contracts, innovative models of care, the Affordable Care Act and recent MACRA legislation, understanding the US healthcare system today requires both a policy background and the adoption of a painfully acronym-heavy vocabulary. All too often we are bombarded by unfamiliar terms and, as the saying goes, we lose the forest for the trees.

To get a handle on the myriad of terms used to describe healthcare organizational structures, models of care, contracting features, and population health goals, we created three articles for you. These articles should help anyone wanting to strengthen their industry knowledge break the healthcare system down into bite size pieces and, hopefully, find their way out of the woods.

Each of these three links provides a deeper understanding of healthcare today:

  1. Risk: Key facts, policies, features and players
  2. Quality and Reporting: Key facts, policies, features and players
  3. From Triple to Quadruple Aim: Enhancing patient experience, improving population health, reducing costs, and improving the work life of health care providers

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