Revolutionize Your Business with The Brooks Group

Temperatures are rising and Brooks Group is getting ready for a summer of innovation, implementation and impact. We start off at the Brandywine Battlefield, the largest battle of the American Revolution where over 14,000 patriots  led by General George Washington were defeated by a  British army of 17,000 Redcoats and German mercenaries in 1777. A combination of poor scouting and lack of knowledge about the enemy led to defeat for the Americans and a year long occupation of Philadelphia by the British. “Know thy enemy” and “know thyself” are just a couple of the lessons from Brandywine Battlefield that executive leaders will learn by joining The Brooks Group 3-day “Revolutionize Your Business” program.

Learn to demonstrate leadership like a commander, to create innovative business opportunities along the supply chain, and to prepare for challenges at the negotiation table right where this country of innovators began.

This interactive management retreat is limited to 12 participants and is customized to your unique business issues. New this year is a unique opportunity for participants to take a private Helicopter Tour of the historical Brandywine Battlefield followed by an exclusive guided tour with Redcoat and Continental Soldier re-enactors of the Brandywine Battlefield and the Valley Forge National Historic Park. The program also features dinner at the historic Blue Pear restaurant which served as a field hospital after the battle.

Learn how communication, leadership, strategic thinking, and innovation skills were critical to the American Revolutionary War effort right on site at some of the war’s greatest battlefields.

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