Taking (and Making) the Leap into Pharmaceutical and Biotech Sales

Professional training comes in many forms these days, with online resources touted as an answer to the relatively higher cost of in-person training. But with research showing an ROI of 521% on in-class training programs and a 93% dropout rate at low cost online courses, can you afford not to take the leap toward a lucrative career with in-person training with experts in the field?

The Brooks Group has trained pharmaceutical sales professionals for over 20 years.  Get Into Pharmaceutical Sales is a 3 day program that will equip you with:

  • An understanding of the unique US healthcare system and the role pharmaceuticals play
  • How to present yourself as an ideal candidate to potential pharmaceutical employers
  • A concise power positioning statement as to why YOU are the ideal candidate
  • Extensive practice using the latest pharmaceutical sales interview techniques
  • And much more to ensure your success in your dream career!

Sales Representatives continue to be some of the best compensated positions in the entire field of sales. When you combine that with the growing and lucrative healthcare industry, pharmaceutical sales is a career path worth investing in.  

Make the leap with The Brooks Group’s Get Into Pharmaceutical Sales program by contacting Peter Haines at peter.haines@thebrooksgrouponline.com or 267-882-8627.

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