Losing the forest for the trees is all too easy in the healthcare world.  The evolving politics, disrupting technologies, innovative alliances and models of financial agreements between stakeholders each alone is the subject of mountains of dissertations. Who has time to develop the expertise needed to elucidate strategic insights and shine in the professional crowd?

With The Brooks Group’s Healthcare Market Trend Overview primer, you will take in the complete landscape and identify the main drivers of change in this ever-evolving market.  If you are looking for one primer that gets you up to speed on all the important healthcare trends headed our way in 2018, this is the one. It also serves as a launching pad for our other primers that allow you to deepen your insights into each driver of market growth and change.

From this primer you will learn to:

  • Review key market trends and the implications for pharmaceutical companies and their customers
  • Gain insight into the impact of coverage expansion on the healthcare market
  • Understand how market consolidation affects healthcare stakeholders
  • Review how alternative payment systems impact providers, payers, and pharma
  • Understand how HIT has improved the overall coordination of healthcare

At a time when healthcare spend is projected to rise from 17.8 percent of the GDP in 2015 to 19.9 percent by 2025, developing the language and framework to discuss healthcare trends intelligently is an investment bound to bring returns in your professional growth.

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