We all make introductions all the time, whether formal or more social and casual ones. The question for the business environment is, do you make good introductions? And more importantly, do other people make good introductions for you?

This is where the Power Introduction comes into play. Imagine that you’re about to be introduced to the most influential group in your professional area. These people have the power to make or break your future. Most of us would be very uncomfortable telling this audience how brilliant we are or how our life experiences are important enough for them to learn from. So what do we do? We can’t stand up and deliver a glowing summation of our own career, lest we be seen as egotistical. How do we convey to the audience what our strengths and accomplishments in this field truly are?

The answer is simple: get the Key Decision Maker of the group to do it for you. This group of influencers might be prone to blow you off, but if their boss stands up and says how important it is that they listen to you, they are a lot more likely to pay close attention.

Prior to the event, take your résumé and condense it down to a few bullet points, making it clear why you are uniquely qualified to be speaking to this group. Start with an opening statement that positions you as an authority on the subject. Continue with a mention of any life experiences that qualify you to be the expert. Include references to any relevant awards, recognitions, or publications. As a final touch, add a little humor about yourself for a hint of personalization.

Get your Power Intro into the hands of the Key Decision Maker a few days prior to your meeting, politely asking if they will provide the introduction. We know it’s not a perfect world and we can’t guarantee that the person you ask will power-intro you. In that case, get it to the next top-level executive at the meeting. Get your meetings started the right way with this proven platform technique.


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