The progress toward a value-based system is marked with fits and starts, including push and pushback on the need to track and report on the quality of care and outcomes.

But none of the volume-to-value progress could happen without quality metrics, which allow the practice of measuring the experience, efficiency, and the results of care.

Although they are affected by political winds that are now steering CMS toward a more patient and consumer-focused emphasis, they are not nearly as partisan as insurance coverage, thanks in part to the nonpartisan positive results of using them in terms of cost savings and quality of care.

Earlier this year, The Brooks Group published a glossary terms related to quality. If that glossary makes your head spin, consider our primer Quality Performance Metrics: Changing the Focus of Healthcare as a way to learn about the major quality metric initiatives impacting customers. With this primer you will gain insight into the relevance of quality of care and how it has become a high priority as quality metrics become increasingly linked to reimbursement for payers and providers, especially as political winds redirect some of those efforts.

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