Managed Markets account managers continue to face huge competition in an ever-evolving market. Whereas understanding preferred status and step therapy concepts were once mission critical, now account managers also need to acquire a deep understanding of value-based contracting strategy and be able to navigate large health systems, integrated delivery networks and accountable care organizations and identify key decision makers.

Due to payer and provider consolidation, evolving channels and federal policy shifts, deep managed care knowledge is increasingly essential to the account manager’s professional growth and success.

Meanwhile the nature of contracts is changing, too, with more pressure on pharmaceutical manufacturers to take on risk, a topic we explore in our recent Value Based Contracting blog.

Consolidation and risk-based contracting are just a couple of the trends The Brooks Group’s Managed Markets Primer explores. Other trends we explain and analyze are:

  • Understanding organizations such as ACOs
  • Evaluating the newest cost lever trends used by managed care organizations such as step therapy, tiers and preferred status, and more
  • Quality metrics
  • Stakeholders involved, including role of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs)

As the proportion of pharmaceuticals purchased through managed markets continues to rise, all account managers are on the hook for deep insights on managed care. Contact us to learn more about this resource.

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