The Affordable Care Act’s Marketplace Exchanges have been hammered by critics for everything from notorious website launch glitches to failing to lure lower risk, young and healthy members. Even the affordability of marketplace insurance for lower middle class earners has been cause for widespread concern.

However, after just 8 million sign-ups in 2014, the channel continued to grow to a peak of just over 12 million in 2017. Despite half the enrollment period and virtually no marketing for 2018, that number stayed stable at just under 12 million in 2018.

The health insurance marketplaces are riddled with moving parts and require account managers to understand how benefit packages and government support are evolving. Consider The Brooks Group Health Insurance Marketplaces Primer to support your account strategy in this channel. In this primer you will learn:

The latest evolving healthcare models and benefit packages
The essential components of the health benefits packages and the benchmark plans by state
The fundamentals of premium subsidies and how these will drive enrollment in the future
The implications of payer participation and future growth

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