Introducing The Brooks Group Learning eXperience

We are excited to announce the launch of our innovative instructional design center of excellence: The Brooks Group Learning eXperience (LX).

The Brooks Group Learning eXperience Team is a new instructional offering that creates high-end learning content for organizations. It’s great for adoption training as well as prerequisite, refresher and certification courses.

Why us? For one, it’s created by experts in instructional design theory. This ensures that all of the team’s courseware is sound. Elevating its products even further, the LX Team relies on a production team including 3D artists and animators with experience supporting major video game studios; graphic artists with background in advertising and marketing; and professional voiceover talent from radio shows.

The E-learning, mobile learning and video learning courses that the LX Team creates are one-of-a-kind. They are not your everyday “page turner” training; these are interactive, immersive modules that learners want to use. Even better: they help to make information sticky, improving organizations’ adherence to business processes while reducing costs associated with poor performance or long-distance in-person training.

In addition to learning products, The Brooks Group LX Team also has an analytics platform to track learners’ progress. The solution also includes a talent asset management capability to quickly capture and visualize workforce strengths, weaknesses and suggested remediation strategies.

For more information and to discuss details for your organization, please contact Dan Donovan at

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