Posted by: Keith Willis

Here is my recap of the Life Sciences trainers and Educators Network (LTEN) conference last week.  This was the 48th year and the largest conference ever with close to 1000 attendees.  I enjoy the conference because its an opportunity to meet people and continue to build relationships with old friends.

Highlights for me included the inductees to the LTEN Hall of Fame.  I have had the benefit of working with Marjorie Brody over the years and getting some terrific professional coaching and advice. My dear friend Linda Morales hase served as my sounding board and I have gained the value of her counsel over the years. Many of us attended David Purdy’s program as aspiring managers and then turned around and sent our people to him for their development.  His program was the industry standard.  David you are missed!  While I do not know Frank, I have worked with his daughter Alison Quinn, 2018 LTEN Member of the year. 

Congratulations to Pam Marinko, from Proficient.  I have also had the pleasure of working with she and her team. I guess this just means that I am getting old and have been around for a long time working with some terrific people. 

I wrote my 1st thank you note today after listening to Shawn Achor and his presentation on happiness and success.  Being grateful is a strategy to being happy.  I have tried writing down three things every day and even bought the five-minute journal.  I do have plenty to be grateful for but struggle to do this on a regular basis.  Saying thankful to all the people who have helped me throughout my life might b easier.  I’ll shoot for three a week.  I think I’ll get as much out of this exercise versus the recipient.  The 1st response was very gratifying and heart-warming.

Col Nicole Malachowski’s took us on a journey of her highs and low of life.  She is the best speaker I have heard at LTEN and there have been a lot of great keynotes.  Her journey as the 1st female Thunderbird pilot and an officer were awe-inspiring.  A few quotes that I wrote were “Have you ever had a goal so big that you pushed it out of you head and nobody wants to lead a scripted life” All great things to think about to live an extraordinary life. From one officer to another Hoorah!

There were plenty of workshops in a variety of areas to include Managed Care, Curriculum Building, what’s new in technology with AI.  Way too many things to list.  I would encourage you to attend especially of you are new to training.  Great opportunity to learn and network.

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