The Brooks Group is pleased to announce that Dan Donovan, Chief Learning Officer, has become a Partner at The Brooks Group.

Dan joined us in 2019 as Chief Learning Officer. He has proven to be a versatile training and digital media leader with many years of solid successes under his belt. He has identified and secured a diverse portfolio of clients spanning multiple vertical markets and a wide range of industries.

“In his first year with The Brooks Group, Dan has helped to drastically shift the deliverables provided by the Company through his instructional design leadership and ADDIE principals” stated Dan Brooks, President of The Brooks Group. “This shift has allowed customers to realize how training does not have to be tactical in nature, but part of a broader learning strategy. We have definitely seen that where Dan is engaged with our clients, he brings substantial value add”.

Dan is also leading the launch of Brooks Group University, an on-line platform which will revolutionize the way customers procure, access, and digest instructional learnings, both for market knowledge and business processes.

Dan has post graduate degrees in Instructional Technology and Instructional Systems Design.

Please join us in congratulating Dan in becoming a Partner at The Brooks Group. We look forward to his continued business success in the years to come.



The Brooks Group is also proud to announce the promotion of Matt Toresco to Executive Vice President of Learning & Development and Patient Advocacy.

Matt Toresco joined The Brooks Group in 2016 as Vice President of Account Management & Business Processes Training. Matt’s focus is on providing clients with programs that support strategic planning, executive level initiatives, account management training & development, and market research. He also heads up our syndicated market research initiative, THE ADVOCATE: Supporting the Patient Voice, which uncovers the needs of today’s advocacy community as they interact with their pharmaceutical counterparts. Matt designs, develops, and implements programs that drive success for customer facing personnel; while introducing new and innovative methods of implementing learning initiatives in the era of Quadruple Aim.

“In Matt’s first three years with The Brooks Group, he has developed deep relationships with customers to implement live and virtual training engagements. His facilitated programs are consistently given top marks, and his deep insights of the marketplace allow him to work with a diverse group of clients. His relationships have afforded him the opportunity to engage with multiple departments within single organizations, while also remaining strong through corporate turnover and management restructuring” stated Dan Brooks, President of The Brooks Group. Outside of his role as a sales leader, Matt has worked to revitalize our syndicated market research program turning THE ADVOCATE into a beacon for the advocacy community, patients, and their pharmaceutical counterparts. Matt has also proven to be an internal leader, reducing company expenses and improving operational efficiencies within The Brooks Group.

We commend Matt on his promotion to Executive Vice President of Learning & Development and Patient Advocacy and look forward to the continued business success of both Matt and his valued customers.

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