As each of our organizations are faced with the global pandemic of COVID-19, we are all faced with a new reality (I won’t say those dreaded words that go something like – new norm…). That realty is fraught with uncertainty and a lack of a concrete vision. Additionally, you can probably take that strategic plan you created in January & throw it in the garbage. No matter what your role is in life, from homemaker to CEO, that role has changed. People are looking to you for insights on what they should be doing. Therefore, what are the behaviors we should be modeling? How should we be modeling these behaviors? Well, let’s start with a little word with huge meaning – Process.

At The Brooks Group, we are big believers in PROCESS. Process allows us to have a set way of doing tasks, typically in a linear fashion, leading to an expected outcome. As our Chairman, Dan Brooks, always pontificates from his time in the US Air Force, “in the Air Force, it’s all about process. When the sh*t hits the fan, you can fall back on the process & have the highest likelihood of success.” Therefore, as we find ourselves in the midst of the proverbial “sh*t storm” of a global pandemic impacting every facet of our daily lives, we should be looking towards process to guide us to success. We can start with the words of Admiral William H. McRaven & begin our days with the simple task of making our bed. Start out on the right foot. From there, dive into the simple business processes that have brought you success.

At The Brooks Group, those processes include:
Accessing & Integrating with Customers – using the time to connect with customers you have great relationships with to see how you can assist them in their transition & how this transition is impacting your customers’ customer. If you are not a trusted advisor, ensure you have a keen awareness of your customer’s market before reaching out to know the pointed questions you should be asking to gain their attention & show you have paid the price of admission by doing your homework. Cold emailing right now can be difficult, but if done correctly it can lead you to big wins!
Strategic Thinking & Planning – now that your living strategic plan has been blown off the tracks, get back to business in identifying what new opportunities are out there in todays market. Juxtapose that with the current issues & identify the strategies that can lead you to success.
Executive Level Presence – as we shift to virtual environments, ensure you control all variables. This includes items like meeting length (everyone’s children typically need a snack at the 45-minute mark), to lighting for your web camera so you’re not drowned out by background light, & of course, knowing your content & your technology as a start.

If you find yourself feeling like you’re stuck in the middle of an ocean with no land in sight, reach out to us at The Brooks Group & we can help you to understand the correct processes to instill to find your land, find your success. Its these basic processes that will get you through any storm – pandemic or not.


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