Gamification of Employee Onboarding – Is it Helpful?

Gamification of Employee Onboarding


Traditionally, onboarding process consisted of a classroom like environment with presentations and tons of documents that the new employee would go through to learn the policies and procedures of the new employment. The typical process is tedious and boring, and it didn’t lend itself to full knowledge acquisition, or long term retention. 1 in 4 employees leave within 180 days of onboarding.

Gamification of the onboarding process utilizes interactive gaming techniques to engage with the new hires, by using their competitive nature and desire to win. But is there a benefit to gamification over the traditional methods of onboarding? The Brooks Group’s customized interactive instructional design services offer far more benefits to employers than traditional classroom learning. As stated in the demo video found HERE, a few gamification benefits include:

  • Increased long term engagement
  • Longer knowledge retention
  • Increased business goal success
  • Employee enjoyment leading to the desire to learn more

The New Employee

The world is changing, and as younger people enter the workforce, they expect more interaction and a sense of accomplishment from their employer. This is true during the onboarding process as well. Transitioning into a new position, a new role or a new company isn’t always smooth. Understanding the company, the rules, and employment expectations are essential for both the employer and the employee, but the traditional knowledge sharing methods are no longer a viable way of learning new information. Employees retaining the vast amounts of information given to them in the first few weeks of employment is crucial for long term productivity and success. Attention spans have globally been narrowing down in recent years, so it is important to present information in an engaging manner. Having interactive onboarding training for new employees increases their chances of retaining the data by 50% and leads to greater productivity once the workflow begins.

Retaining talented employees who work hard and produce results is arguably the most important driver to success and growth for any company. According to studies, having a structured and interactive training program is a positive experience that results in a 69% increase in new hires staying with their new company past the first six months of employment.

Gamification of the Onboarding Process

The world is changing, and younger employees who grew up with gaming consoles and digital technology readily available are entering the workforce in droves. It’s crucial to keep up with the change in worker attitudes and remain competitive by retaining the best of the best. This means every aspect of the job needs to be engaging, helpful, and give employees a sense of accomplishment, including the onboarding process.

Using games, fun, or sometimes even silly interaction to keep a new employee engaged in the process is smart. When employees feel motivated through personal accomplishment, they will strive to work harder and keep getting better. This, in turn, keeps morale high and productivity moving at a swift pace. If an employee realizes, through a fun and engaging onboarding process, the company they’re about to work for will set challenging but reachable goals, they will stay, and the company will retain top talent in their field.

The Brooks Group

The Brooks Group has done extensive research into interactive onboarding and training programs with proven results. In addition to our onboarding programs, the company offers an array of training programs to set up your new employees for success, including:

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