Syndicated Healthcare Market Research and The Advocate

Syndicated Healthcare Market Research and The Advocate


Pharmaceutical companies must always move towards innovation to maintain not only a competitive advantage but also to align with patient and customer needs. However, any strategies that are developed need to be based on sound research that incorporates current market conditions, customer needs, and competitor concerns that could impact outcomes.

While market research is a great way to gather this information, the expense can be a barrier for some organizations. However, syndicated healthcare market research can help reduce that burden while still giving your firm an informed and competitive advantage.

Syndicated vs. Custom Market Research

In general, there are two main types of market research — custom and syndicated. Custom market research is when a company employs a consulting firm to develop a research study exclusively for them. While effective, this method can be expensive since the client must bear the full cost associated with the project.

In contrast, syndicated market research[1]  is when a client purchases a market research study conducted independently by a market research or consulting firm. For example, a pharmaceutical firm would purchase a pharmaceutical market research study that investigates the industry, outlines trends, and highlights potential openings that need to be addressed. One of the biggest benefits of syndicated market research is that the associated costs are significantly lower than with a custom option.

Amplifying the Patient Voice

One of the most important ways a pharmaceutical company can build for the future is by centering the patient while crafting strategies. The Brooks Group has created a syndicated pharmaceutical market research tool called The Advocate: Supporting the Patient Voice. This annual report began in 2018 and is targeted around the relationship between pharma and advocacy groups and how this impacts policies developed and programmatic support. More importantly, this critical tool also focuses on:

  • Corporate reputation
  • Leading manufacturers in advanced patient treatment, programmatic/policy support, and professional relations
  • Knowledge of PBMs versus payers
  • Awareness of copay accumulator programs
  • The impact of non-medical switching

Advancing Patient Advocacy

Along with providing a thorough overview of the market landscape, The Advocate also highlights how various pharmaceutical organizations are viewed by their customers while also providing critical benchmark data that outlines industry growth and track records year over year. But what is most useful is that The Advocate polls respondents from professional associations and advocacy organizations — ensuring that the data collected is directly relevant to patient advocacy in the pharmaceutical industry.

Innovating with Credible Intelligence

Innovation is essential to maintaining relevance, exceeding internal goals, and meeting the needs of patients and customers. But to achieve these benchmarks, organizations need credible intelligence that provides a comprehensive and accurate look at the industry, outlines areas for improvement or synergies, and helps identify a path forward.

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