Announcing Peter Haines as a Partner at The Brooks Group!


We are proud to announce that Peter Haines has become a Partner at The Brooks Group!

Peter joined us in 2015 as Manager of Client Media Marketing and quickly recognized there was a need for sales funnel & pipeline growth and overall business development focus into untapped clients. He has proven to be a versatile business development & marketing leader with close to 10 years of experience under his belt. He has identified and helped secure a diverse portfolio of clients for The Brooks Group in his time here.

In his six years with The Brooks Group, Peter has not only helped substantially grow our list of clients, but also taken action on marketing & operational initiatives including standing up a CRM of 217 companies, growing our marketing database, upselling & customer success with existing clients, networking/conference diligence, social media presence, SEO & website optimization and more. Peter’s played an integral role in our outbound business development & email marketing strategy which has helped grow revenue substantially year over year.

Please join us in welcoming Peter as a Partner at The Brooks Group. We look forward to his continued business success in the years to come.

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