Bridging Knowledge Gaps with Learning Experience

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Corporate training has gained a bad reputation for being boring, slow, and ineffective. The Brooks Group Learning eXperience (LX) team has the power to change this paradigm.

This type of instructional design aims to develop applicable learning solutions that deliver content to learners in a format that engages them. Organizations can use it to disseminate many different types of information to their workforce in an appealing and memorable way while also achieving greater visibility into individual and group comprehension.


Creating a Multimedia Learning Experience

The Brooks Group LX team is focused on driving engagement among learners. In contrast to typical instruction methods that rely on long paragraphs of dry text to deliver information, programs founded in instructional design employ a multimedia approach to foster organic interest in the subject matter. Some common forms of content that can be used to do this include:

  • Videos
  • E-zines
  • Quizzes and tests
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • Games
  • Interactive activities

All of these mediums can be incorporated into customized courses that address company-specific learning objectives. They can also be used to build blended learning experiences that bring digital elements into traditional on-site instructional settings. Organizations can even create self-paced microlearning modules that give learners a few minutes of compressed instruction whenever they have the time to spare – an increasingly popular educational model in today’s busy world.


Quantifying Learning Through Analytics

Good instructional design offers more than a superior learning experience – it also provides full transparency into learners’ comprehension and achievements.

Companies can access detailed statistical reports that reveal how many employees completed their assigned tasks, as well as how well they performed both on their own and compared to their peers. These figures can help managers identify the strengths and weaknesses of individual team members and their crew as a whole.

With this information, leadership can build teams with a diverse array of competencies for optimal performance. They can also assign additional review and training exercises to help shore up specific employees’ weakest knowledge areas.


Instruction for All Stages of Professional Life

Learning experiences can be used to create e-learning initiatives to meet a number of organizational goals, including:

  • Onboarding. New employees need significant learning to properly orient themselves in their new role. Learning experience allows you to design courses that deliver the necessary information in an expedient and easily digestible manner, creating a smoother onboarding experience that can easily be deployed in onboarding training programs even for virtual hires.
  • Role-based training. Learning experience can be utilized for creating training programs to help hone both hard and soft skills. With fast-paced dynamic courses available to teach sales skills, customer service strategies, market knowledge, and more, your team will always have access to the latest information needed to drive better performance.
  • Refresher training. Quick interactive course modules allow learners to easily review information they already know. Completing this training refreshes their knowledge, delivers updated information to keep them abreast of changes in the field, and provides documented proof of their competency.

Learning experience design can also be employed to complement new product launches by giving users an easy interactive way to learn what the product can do and how to use it.


Imagining A Better Future for Corporate Training

Learning experience design is revolutionizing the process of knowledge acquisition and retention in corporate settings. With more engaging courses tailored to busy modern learners, account managers and other professionals have a fun and easy way to fill in the gaps in their knowledge base and improve their performance on the job.

The Brooks Group is a leading healthcare consulting firm offering custom instructional design services through our Learning eXperience division. Contact us today to have our design experts design fun and engaging learning experiences for your workforce.

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