Cut Costs and Save Time on New Employee Onboarding With A Smart Investment

employee onboarding training

Effective onboarding training does much more than merely ease a new employee into their role, it also imparts a sense of purpose and belonging. With the right approach, it can serve as a powerful tool for increasing productivity and retention in your ranks.

A quality digital employee onboarding training program can save your organization significant amounts of time and money without losing any of the benefits of in-person instruction.

Increase Employee Retention When It Matters Most

Today’s workers are more mobile than ever before. All types of organizations are having difficulty attracting and retaining the talent they need to thrive – and the more highly skilled a role is, the harder it is to find a replacement.

Providing in-depth, engaging onboarding training is one way your organization can combat this problem. Onboarding training helps your employees better understand their new work environment and their place within it. This forges a sense of loyalty among your team and has been shown to generate a 50% increase in employee retention.

Choose Digital Training to Save Time and Improve Productivity

New employees need time and instruction to rise to the same level of performance as your existing workforce. Delivering this instruction manually, however, slows the process down considerably. Not only do some staff members have to take time out of their day for training duties, but new employees may find themselves waiting idly for someone to fit the training into their busy schedule.

With self-guided digital onboarding training, new hires can quickly get themselves up to speed on your company culture, relevant rules and regulations, and what is expected of them in their new role. Digital training programs also ensure consistency, making sure that all new hires receive the same vital information. Your new hires can get to work more quickly and your existing workers can stay on task.

Create Custom Content for Your Present and Future Workforce

Even with strong retention initiatives in place, your workforce is sure to shift and expand as the company grows. All new future hires will need onboarding training, and some employees who are promoted to higher roles may benefit from an additional round of training to help them settle into their new position.

In contrast to the ever-mounting costs of traditional onboarding, investing in custom digital onboarding training modules is a one-time expense. These training tools are extremely scalable and can be used to instruct as many new hires as needed in the coming years. They can also be easily updated to reflect any needed changes in the curriculum.

Avalability of digital tools also allows you to generate more engagement among the trainees by utilizing 3D modeling and simulations, video content, gamification etc. This kind of learning experience based onboarding improves knowledge retention while shortening learning spans.

Streamline Your Onboarding Training Today

Building a digital onboarding training program for your organization will help you trim your expenses and your staff’s workload. The Brooks Group provides customized employee training programs for healthcare executives, including strategic account management training, and onboarding training. Contact us today to discuss your digital training needs and let us help you establish a more efficient and consistent onboarding process for both you and your workforce.

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