How is Digital Health Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry?

Digital technologies have crept into every facet of daily life, and the healthcare industry is no exception. Digital health is the latest trend set to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

This new model of care will change everything from research and development to patient care outcomes – no aspect of the field will be left untouched. Understanding this phenomenon, its benefits, and the opportunities it presents can help healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals adapt their practices to the new digital paradigm.

What is Digital Health?

Digital health is the process of integrating new digital tools into the healthcare industry. Using technologies like wearables, connected devices, and software applications, physicians and other healthcare professionals can collect vast amounts of health data from patients. This allows them to get a more well-rounded, accurate, and timely picture of each patient’s health status, sometimes on a real-time basis. They can then offer high-quality care even at long distances.

Benefits of Digital Health

Healthcare providers who adopt the digital health paradigm benefit in many ways, including:

  • Better communication. Patients who are treated using digital health technologies can communicate directly with their doctor for most of their treatment, facilitating trust and openness between both parties. Patients do not need to discuss their health information with receptionists, assistants, and other people who may be present in a typical clinic setting.
  • Accelerated treatment. Because digital health solutions are usually extremely efficient and require very little human input, patients treated with these technologies can receive treatment much more quickly than someone being treated using conventional methods.
  • Lower costs. Digital health technologies make it easier to deliver quality care with fewer resources. This benefits healthcare providers, insurers, and patients alike.
  • Increased accessibility. Digital technologies like telemedicine solutions allow more people in need to access healthcare services, even when they live hundreds of miles away from the specialists they need to see.
  • Improved knowledge of patient profiles. Digital health allows healthcare providers to access patient health data directly using a single touchpoint, improving their ability to assess each patient’s condition and relay accurate information to them.

Digital Health and the Pharmaceutical Industry

Digital health has also made a noticeable impact on the pharmaceutical industry.

Now that electronic health records are more widely used, patients’ health information is being recorded in a standardized and easily accessible format for the first time. This shift gives researchers and healthcare providers access to more detailed patient health profiles, including current vitals readings and records of any comorbidities each patient has.

This information unlocks a whole new realm of possibilities for drug companies. Researchers can use it to develop drugs that are targeted to specific presentations of a particular condition. They can also determine which type of patient responds best to each medication and market their products appropriately. This process can be aided by AI-powered drug discovery methods that can experiment with thousands of chemical combinations to find the formula that produces the desired effects.

Digital Health and Pharma Sales

These opportunities presented by digital health technologies have additional implications for pharmaceutical sales.  Account managers who factor digital health advancements into their services and pitches will be the most successful in this new reality.

To do this, salespeople will need access to specific tools. Pharmaceutical market research is critical to keeping abreast of new developments powered by digital health technologies. Account management training courses can refine professionals’ ability to tailor their pitches to customer needs. Pairing the two together gives account managers the skills and knowledge they need to seize the opportunities before them.

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