3 Unique Aspects of the Brooks Group Learning Experience

Knowledgeable, well-rounded team members are the building blocks of any successful organization. However, while it is reasonable to expect employees to enter the company with some key information and skills in place, companies must also be prepared to offer their workforce the training they need to upgrade their skills and keep up with new developments in their field. This is especially important in the fast-changing, knowledge-intensive healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

The Brooks Group’s Learning eXperience service exists to help organizations in these and other industries easily disseminate specific knowledge throughout their team. Whether you need a new strategic account management training course or an onboarding training program, our custom training experiences are strategically engineered to foster superior learning and retention. There are three unique elements that make this program special: our blended learning approach, our instructional design focus, and our cutting-edge analytics platform.

1. Blended Learning

In today’s fast-paced world, traditional classroom instruction often feels outdated and inefficient from learners’ perspectives. While there is no denying the value of an authoritative and knowledgeable instructor, conventional learning experiences force all participants to work on the same objectives at the same pace, all at a specific time and place.

Our Learning eXperience courses incorporate web-based modules that can be accessed at any time, allowing participants to engage with the material at a time, place, and pace that is most comfortable for them. Many of our custom courses also provide short modules of mobile learning for busy professionals who can only spare a few minutes at a time for their studies. These alternative formats allow learners to complete courses at their own pace without sacrificing the benefits of live instruction.

2. Instructional Design

Not all individuals learn effectively by reading text. In fact, few learners are able to fully absorb written information. Even fewer retain it. In corporate environments, this issue can quickly lead to poor compliance, reduced customer satisfaction, and lost revenue.

In addition to conventional text-based lessons, our Learning eXperience services also provide alternative learning experiences to reinforce critical information. Interactive elements like quizzes, simulations, and gamification all provide participants with the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge they have obtained and understand its importance. Course content is also equipped with custom infographics, animations, and other multimedia elements to enhance user engagement. Modules can be made to cover company-specific topics (like onboarding training programs) or general industry topics (like patient advocacy in the pharmaceutical industry).

3. Analytics

Just like students in traditional academic settings, participants in corporate training programs must have the results of their learning quantified. Our in-depth analytics platform makes it easy for managers, executives, and other stakeholders to appraise a participant’s progress at any time. Using individual learning profiles tied to a central portal, stakeholders can access detailed information on lesson completion, test results, and other key metrics that provide insight into how well each participant is engaging with the material.

This platform can be used to verify course completion, but it is much more than a simple tracking tool. The data it provides can be harnessed to drive improvement in specific competencies that are tied to your organization’s unique business goals. Further, it can help identify any strengths and weaknesses in your team’s capabilities and knowledge base. Any weaknesses can then be addressed with further instruction or more intensive services, such as healthcare executive coaching.

Create the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Training Resources Your Staff Needs

Upgrading your employees’ skills could be the deciding factor that clinches and maintains key business relationships. Invest in your team’s skills today with custom courses made by one of the best healthcare management consulting firms in the industry.

Courses created by The Brooks Group’s Learning eXperience services deliver accurate, applicable, and memorable information that will give your team the knowledge they need to drive your organization forward. Contact us today to discuss your training needs and learn more about how our industry-leading custom courses can help you meet them.

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