As one of the best healthcare consulting firms, The Brooks Group strives to facilitate improvements that benefit both healthcare organizations and the patients they serve. To that end, we offer an array of different services that allow organizations to address specific business goals. Today, we will be offering a closer look at our three core capabilities: our research and insights services, our Learning eXperience service, and our strategic advisory services.

  1. Research and Insights

As all successful enterprises can attest, knowledge is power. That is why The Brooks Group works to deliver cutting-edge research and insights that make outstanding business outcomes possible.

Through a combination of quantitative and qualitative research, our company synthesizes critical first-party data to generate the insights you need to drive meaningful change. Learn how your customers really feel about your organization with our Equity Scan research or evaluate your team’s performance based on feedback from our Voice of the Customer report. Consult our syndicated market research report on patient advocacy in the healthcare industry (The Advocate) to learn more about patients’ needs and brand perceptions. If you have any specialized research needs, we are also available to conduct custom studies upon request.

If you want to begin your learning immediately, you can also consult our vast repertoire of online resources. We regularly publish an array of primers, podcasts, and other materials to help account managers and other healthcare sales professionals stay up to date with the latest in the field.

  1. Learning eXperience

Whether you are interested in improving your team’s performance or creating a new onboarding training program, our Learning eXperience service can help.
Using a team led by experts in instructional design and gaming, we apply our subject matter expertise to create engaging, interactive blended learning courses. All of our courses include a custom curriculum as well as enhancements like professional graphics, animations, and voiceovers. Our holistic educational approach ensures that the knowledge imparted is not only learned, but retained.

As part of every course design package, we also include access to our cutting-edge analytics platform. This platform helps managers and other stakeholders quickly review and assess learners’ progress. Automated tools can be deployed to provide targeted learning suggestions that build each team member’s knowledge base in the areas where it is weakest. Over time, you can hone your team’s knowledge and competencies enough to gain an edge over your competitors.

  1. Strategic Advisory Services

Is your healthcare organization facing new and unprecedented business challenges? Our strategic advisory services help healthcare companies devise strategies to successfully navigate the complexities of managed markets and other common industry hurdles. Through business reviews, advisory boards, and other mediums, we assess your company’s needs and offer the guidance you need to prevail.

Our services encompass many aspects of business in the healthcare industry, including organizational design, national and international brand planning, and access and reimbursement. We also offer specialized healthcare executive coaching and strategic account management training to help leaders in the field improve key skills such as effective communication and developing succinct and relevant sales pitches. Depending on your needs, we can offer our services virtually or through field visits to your office location.

Set Your Healthcare Organization Apart

If your healthcare organization is in need of some strategic assistance, choose The Brooks Group for superior service and results. We would be honored to apply our expertise for your benefit and play a part in your continued success. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to arrange an initial consultation.

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