How The Learning Experience is Different from Traditional eLearning

From onboarding training programs to advanced skill-building curriculums, every healthcare company has some need for e-learning courses. These courses are meant to help employees reach their full potential in their current and future roles. Unfortunately, traditional e-learning courses do not always deliver on this promise.

Built with advanced instructional design principles in mind, our Learning eXperience (LX) service offers two key benefits over traditional e-learning: engagement and assessment. Read on to learn how we do this and what impact these have on the business value of the course.


Traditional e-learning courses are notoriously dull affairs. Right from the start, the user is bombarded with block after block of dense text. If any visuals are included, they are usually static 2D images that add little value to the learning experience. If voiceovers are included, they are often nothing more than low-quality computerized text-to-speech clips.

This approach was designed to stuff as much information as possible into the course curriculum. While this is a laudable goal in some ways, it ignores the realities of knowledge retention. Users will only retain a small portion of knowledge that is presented in this way. When it comes to important topics like customer relationship management or strategic alignment, that is simply not good enough.

The Learning eXperience is designed to maximize knowledge retention through user engagement. Our courses are packed with knowledge, but this information is broken into smaller chunks that are easier to absorb and can be viewed on mobile devices just as easily as on desktop browsers.

Each course also features:

  • Attention-grabbing animations to set the stage for the content coming up
  • High-quality infographics and images that keep the user interested in their studies
  • Games, simulations, and other interactive activities that invite the user to apply their newly-acquired knowledge in novel ways
  • Voiceovers read by real on-air radio talent, providing narration that closely simulates live instruction

These additions reinforce the course content and ensure that it is retained for future use.


Standard e-learning also falls short of most standards for assessment. Most offer nothing but an unscored final exam to test user knowledge. There is no way to gauge how well users understood the material or compare one user’s performance to that of another. This makes it difficult to quantify the impact of training investments and leaves key stakeholders in the dark regarding the skills of your workforce.

Our Learning eXperience courses acknowledge the importance of comprehensive, transparent knowledge assessment. Each custom course includes access to our advanced learning analytics platform which:

  • Captures key performance metrics for each user, including how long they spent reviewing the course and how well they performed on each of the activities included in the module
  • Allows individual user metrics to be viewed by anyone who is authorized to do so, including the user themselves
  • Includes built-in analytics tools to uncover key insights into users’ abilities
  • Can suggest a customized learning track for each user based on this information

Armed with detailed knowledge of your employees’ competencies, you can augment the skills of key players, construct teams based on the strengths and weaknesses of those participating, and match representatives to the clients whom they are best equipped to serve. Individual account managers and executives can also pinpoint their own shortcomings and resolve to address them through additional training, such as healthcare executive coaching or our key account management training program.

Take Your Corporate Training to the Next Level

If your organization is in need of a new custom e-learning course, choose our Learning eXperience to help you reach your goals. In addition to all of the benefits described above, our LX courses are available in both Flash and HTML5 and can be fully customized to suit your company’s style and branding. Learning eXperience also supports integration with all leading LMS systems (including SCORM, AICC and Tin Can API) and can be easily translated using built-in data XLIFF data export tools.

Contact us to discuss your e-learning needs and get your next corporate training module from one of the best healthcare management consulting firms in the industry.

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