Blended Learning: A 3 Pronged Approach to Knowledge Retention

Thanks to modern technology, corporate training can be delivered in person or through digital e-learning platforms. This increase in options has led to many debates about which method is best. Which can you trust to deliver superior results?

At The Brooks Group, we believe that each method has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. These attributes make each one well-suited to some parts of the learning process but a poor fit for others. However, combining the two methods in a single course can help you circumvent their challenges and capitalize on their strengths.

Whether you are interested in investing in a key account management training program to upgrade employees’ skills or an onboarding training program to help recent hires acclimate to their new roles, our blended learning courses offer the superior educational experience your employees need to excel. Today, we will examine the finer points of our three-pronged blended learning approach to see what makes it so effective.

Prong 1: Pre-Requisite Learning

Your employees’ blended learning training begins with a set of self-guided digital modules. Custom course content is available in both written and audio formats and is reinforced with tests given both pre- and post-lesson. These lessons may also include additional learning tools such as quizzes, games, and simulations that evaluate the user’s ability to apply what they have just learned.

After a few initial tests to gauge participants’ skills, each is guided along a branching path that is customized to their unique learning needs. If a participant has already mastered a particular concept, they will not be given further coursework on that concept. Instead, they will be challenged to develop their knowledge in new areas with which they are less familiar.

The goal of this initial segment is to provide participants with the knowledge they need to succeed in the later parts of the training event. By ensuring that all participants have the same knowledge base upon beginning the in-person segments, we can ensure that every minute of classroom time can be used to maximum effect.

Prong 2: Classroom Learning

When participants have completed the pre-requisite modules, classroom learning begins. These in-person learning sessions are designed to deliver a thorough overview of a particular topic relevant to healthcare sales and management. Some of these topics include healthcare executive coaching, Managed Care Immersions, Strategic Thinking & Planning, and Business Leadership.

Most of our courses run for just 2 to 2.5 days to keep participants engaged during the entire experience. They are also restricted to 24 participants per facilitator or less to ensure that each participant receives high-quality instruction. Depending on the course, the group may perform additional activities like games, roleplays, and writing assignments to underscore the concepts they have learned.

By the end of the training, each participant should feel confident with the subject matter and understand how it can be applied to real-world scenarios.

Prong 3: Refresher Training

After the instructor-led modules are complete, a new digital module will become available to all participants. This module includes both the digital pre-requisite training and a recorded version of the instructor-led training. It also offers final tests to help you quantify each participant’s performance as well as the value of the training itself.

This complete digital module gives employees the chance to review specific parts of the lessons, solidifying the new knowledge and improving their retention. It also allows companies to offer the same high-quality training to employees who cannot attend the in-person sessions or who are hired after the training takes place.

Improve Your Staff’s Skills with Blended Learning Today

As one of the best healthcare management consulting firms around, The Brooks Group is proud to say that our blended learning courses and other training resources have made a quantifiable difference in the performance of countless employees and leaders in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Whether you want to sign your team up for a training session or catch up on the latest news on topics like patient advocacy in the pharmaceutical industry, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about any of our services and help your staff reach their full potential.

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