3 Core Market Research Offerings by The Brooks Group

Knowing your market is key to strong sales performance in the healthcare industry. Not only can patient needs change rapidly, but your staff’s approach is often just as important as the solutions you are selling.

At The Brooks Group, our mission is to help healthcare organizations better understand the market forces they face and help them to overcome these hurdles. Each of our three core market research offerings is designed to assist with specific challenges encountered by organizations within the healthcare industry. Keep reading to learn more about each one and what it can do for your company.

The Advocate

The Advocate is our yearly market research publication examining the current state of patient advocacy in the healthcare industry. It combines data from 37 professional organizations and 103 patient organizations to deliver insights on patient sentiments towards specific companies and the healthcare market as a whole. It also features responses from in-depth interviews with executives and other leaders from 21 of the surveyed organizations.

In addition to discussing patient needs and how well they are being met, this report reveals patient perceptions of each of the major companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical space. This information helps organizations like yours assess industry-wide trends from their patients’ perspectives and may help you surpass your competition in this key area.

Voice of the Customer

Our Voice of the Customer report is a custom market research offering that gives your customers a chance to provide feedback through a neutral third party. Its goal is to help pharmaceutical and health companies evaluate customer-facing team members – particularly account managers – on their abilities and performance. Each custom report details how each account manager is perceived by the organizations they serve, their strengths and weaknesses in their role, and how well they are helping their clients meet their larger objectives.

This market research offering helps you provide your staff with the training they need to improve in critical customer service dimensions. It also allows you to identify the things your top performers do that your customers appreciate most. These observations can be used as the basis for new best practices that you can implement on a company-wide basis to improve overall customer satisfaction.

Equity Scan

Our third market research offering, the Equity Scan, provides a high-level examination of your organization’s relationships and reputation. Using both quantitative survey data and qualitative interview responses, the report provides actionable insights into how your customers feel about your services, your team, and your company as a whole.

This report will help you figure out where your organization excels and where you fall short of customer expectations. You can then create a plan to address these weak points with training, new policies, and other initiatives. The report can also be commissioned year-over-year to provide a series of benchmarks you can use to chart organizational improvements over time and prove the ROI of any changes you make.

Get the Edge on Your Competition with More Industry Insights

With the right information to guide you, your organization could climb to even greater heights in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sales market. The Brooks Group is here to help you with all of your market research needs. In addition to the three core offerings discussed above, we also offer custom studies that can get you more valuable data on any aspect of the industry you choose. Contact us today for more details or to commission some up-to-the-minute research for your organization.

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