Adding to your healthcare or pharmaceutical team’s knowledge and abilities using e-learning curriculums can help you gain an advantage over your competition. However, basic courses and platforms offer few ways for stakeholders to meaningfully assess users’ progress. This stifles its potential and reduces its maximum ROI.

Using smart metrics and analytics features can help avoid this problem. Measuring the right things and analyzing them with the right tools can tell you everything you need to know about your team’s knowledge base and how to improve it. Our Learning eXperience platform comes with all of the features you need to do this. Let’s examine which metrics you should look at when using this system and why those metrics are helpful.

Start with Completion Rates

Completion rates are arguably the most important e-learning metric for employers to track. If an employee does not complete some or all of their training, that training is a waste of resources.

The Learning eXperience platform tracks user completion metrics down to the last click. You will know exactly what each user did while working on each module and where they stopped, allowing you to prompt them to complete the section they abandoned in a timely fashion. You know exactly when each user finishes each course, and you can take each user’s progress into account when giving feedback or assessing their initiative.

Completion rates can also provide insight into how relevant certain courses are for your team. If many users immediately complete a specific module, they probably find it useful for their day-to-day work. Conversely, courses that are avoided may not be as directly applicable. This knowledge is useful for determining which types of courses to invest in next.

Assess Employee Comprehension and Engagement with Test Scores and Completion Time

Knowing whether an employee has completed a module is valuable but limited information. It does not tell you how well that person understood the material or whether they need any additional support to succeed in their role. For this, we must turn to other metrics: namely, test scores and completion time.

Test scores speak for themselves. Testing has long been used as a way to evaluate a learner’s comprehension after a lesson. The best e-learning systems (including our Learning eXperience courses) vary the questions that are asked between users and over multiple attempts by the same user. This ensures that users cannot easily share or memorize answers and that the test remains a reliable indicator of concept mastery.

Time spent on a particular module can provide similar insight into your employees’ struggles. If an employee takes a long time to complete a section, it was probably very difficult for them. Unless they achieved excellent final scores, it may be worth giving them some additional material on this topic to help them review its finer points.

Conversely, an employee who breezes through a section has clearly mastered the topic and should not be given more material on that subject. Instead, you can take advantage of the opportunity to further build their skills by offering them material on topics that are completely new to them.

Compare Scores Across Your Team to Drive Organization-Wide Improvements

Metrics that are useful in isolation become doubly helpful when compared across multiple dimensions. Juxtaposing your team members’ scores against each other helps identify each member’s strengths and weaknesses relative to the rest of the group.

Our Learning eXperience platform not only allows authorized users to quickly access this information through the organizational view but also automatically suggests custom learning paths for each user to help them bolster their knowledge in weaker areas and round out their skill set.

You can also use this information to assess your team’s abilities across your entire organization. When your entire team is struggling with a concept or competency, urgent improvement is needed and training in this area should be prioritized. This will ensure that you can quickly close knowledge gaps and deliver a superior customer experience.

Upgrade Your Staff’s Skills Today

Leveraging the incredible features of modern e-learning platforms like The Brooks Group’s Learning eXperience is the best way to give your healthcare or pharmaceutical company an edge in today’s competitive markets. Contact us today for more information on our Learning eXperience instructional design services or to sign your team up for some pre-made courses delivered through our cutting-edge platform.

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