Hit Your Sales Goals with the Quintuple Aim Framework

Quintuple Aim Framework

The Quintuple Aim framework is the latest and most comprehensive form of the Triple Aim framework, a set of goals created more than a decade ago by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. The purpose of this framework is to outline the priorities that healthcare systems should have when making investments and changes. By aligning their product pitches with these goals, account management professionals can ensure that they are always offering their leads a clear and relevant value proposition that is sure to close more sales.

The Triple Aim

The Triple Aim framework was first introduced in 2007. At this time, it encompassed three aspects:

  • Better Health Outcomes. This aspect seeks to achieve the best outcomes possible with the knowledge and resources available. This is the most basic goal of healthcare and arguably still the most important.
  • Improved Patient Experience. This aspect aims to provide patients with the best subjective experience during their interactions with healthcare providers. Providing a good experience empowers patients to take control of their own health journey by learning about their conditions and taking concrete steps toward a better future.
  • Lower Costs. This aspect strives to deliver the highest quality care using as few resources as possible. This helps ensure that there are enough resources to make that care accessible to everyone who needs it.

The purpose of this framework was to illustrate the balance between the different goals that drive healthcare systems. Every investment made by a healthcare organization was said to be related to one of these three goals.

Expanding to the Quintuple Aim

The Triple Aim was upgraded to the Quadruple Aim in 2014 with the addition of the Improved Clinical Outcomes aspect. This aspect aims to lighten the workload of clinicians and combat burnout, a rampant problem in the healthcare industry. Without healthcare providers functioning at their best, the other three goals of the Aim framework cannot be realized.

The latest addition to the framework is Health Equity, making its new title the Quintuple Aim. This final aspect strives to identify and rectify disparities within the healthcare system. This includes every aspect of healthcare from screening to treatment. By adding this latest target, healthcare systems have committed to making investments with the needs of traditionally marginalized populations, such as minority racial groups and people with low incomes, in mind.


Why It Matters

The Quintuple Aim is not just an academic theory. Its principles are being used to guide real decisions made by leaders in the healthcare field. Understanding the framework’s goals and the synergy between them allows account managers to position the products they represent as solutions to address one or more of them.

Some examples of healthcare innovations that can be pitched in alignment with the Quintuple Aim framework include:

  • Drugs with fewer side effects that patients might be more willing to take consistently
  • Biotechnology that automates the process of tracking patient adherence (digital medicine, wearables, etc.)
  • Drugs, tools, and therapies that make it easier for people to access healthcare regardless of location or income

Help Your Organization Take Aim Today

Successful account management relies on a deep understanding of clients’ priorities. The Quadruple Aim framework offers significant insight into the goals driving the healthcare market.

Whether you are interested in teaching your employees about the framework itself using custom instructional design coursework, updating their knowledge of the market with cutting-edge market research reports, or sharpening their selling skills with account management training courses, The Brooks Group can help you accomplish all of your organizational goals. Contact us today to learn more about any of our offerings and how we can help your staff soar.

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