Microlearning: A Bite-Sized Approach to Learning and Retention

If you are responsible for any corporate training initiatives, you may have heard of the term “micro-learning.” This type of learning is made up of shorter blocks of content than traditional learning, but that is not all that makes it unique. This approach allows instructional designers to create courses that are accessible, engaging, highly flexible, and easy to retain. Below, we will discuss what micro-learning is and delve into some of the advantages it offers, particularly in reference to corporate training in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

What Is Micro-Learning?

Micro-learning is a new method of instruction delivery focused on breaking content into smaller, more digestible chunks. Micro-learning modules can be as short as a few minutes in length and are rarely longer than 10 to 15 minutes. Many corporate training programs that use micro-learning combine dozens of these tiny snippets into a single larger course.

Micro-learning modules are often made up of short bits of text, just like longer, more traditional e-course materials used to be. However, this is just the start of what micro-learning can be. A good micro-learning course will include multimedia elements like audio and video content and even simple games and simulations.

Part of micro-learning’s popularity is due to its affordability. Unlike full-length courses, micro-learning modules can be very inexpensive to make. However, it also offers additional benefits that make it even more valuable.

Education That Works for Today’s Busy Professionals

Modern life is hectic, especially for healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals. On top of all of the responsibilities of their personal lives, they must also make time for continuing education to keep up with new research in the field.

Micro-learning is perfect for this audience. Keeping instruction blocks short ensures that they can always make meaningful progress toward their learning goals, even if they only have a few minutes to spare. Over time, these small chunks of progress add up to a robust learning experience.

Micro-learning also offers a more engaging experience than traditional learning. Rather than having to wait many hours before seeing their studies pay off, participants in a micro-learning course can put their new skills to the test immediately in quizzes, puzzles, simulations, and other interactive material. Once they have mastered a skill, they can immediately begin working on the next one.

This constant drip feed of content provides an organic sense of accomplishment that keeps participants invested in their training and striving for improvement, even if they can only spare an hour a week. Smaller blocks of content are also easier to retain, especially when they are reinforced by the exercises mentioned above.

Micro Content à la Carte

Another major advantage of micro-learning is its ability to offer each participant the learning experience that suits them best.

Think back to your last business lunch: did everyone order the same thing? Probably not. Instead, everyone probably ordered dishes that suited their preferences and dietary restrictions.

Just like the restaurant menu, micro-learning breaks down the learning experience (the meal) into smaller chunks (the dishes) that can be combined to create the unique curriculum that each participant needs. Some may need to spend more time mastering the fundamentals before they are ready to move on; others may need more challenging material than what the base version of the course has to offer. Still others may have advanced knowledge of some concepts but a beginner-level understanding of others.

This mix-and-match approach allows instructional designers to create courses that provide a customized learning journey for each participant. In corporate training, this can be used to capitalize on each worker’s strengths and help them work on their weaknesses. By the end of a good micro-learning course, all participants have learned something new that they can apply to their future business dealings.

Make Micro-Learning Work for Your Healthcare or Pharmaceutical Organization

Micro-learning is the future of corporate training, and now is the best time to introduce it to your healthcare or pharmaceutical organization. Contact The Brooks Group today to commission a custom e-learning course made from expertly crafted micro-learning modules on subjects like managed care marketspatient advocacy, or any other topic of interest.

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