The Role of Technology in Modern Executive Training & Development

The world of learning & development has undergone seismic changes since the adoption of online learning technologies. This shift has solved many of the field’s most pressing problems and has made continuing education more of a necessity than ever for leaders in the healthcare industry. Today, we will explore how technology has been used to augment healthcare executive training and why these changes have been so beneficial.

Learning on the Go

One of the most important changes that technology has brought to executive training programs is the ability to learn on the go. Executives in the healthcare industry often have extremely busy professional lives, carefully scheduling every hour of their day to best meet the demands of the company they serve. It is rarely practical for them to devote large blocks of time to reading, studying, or attending in-person lectures.

Time is no longer a restriction with today’s training courses. Thanks to technology, online learning modules can easily be accessed anytime and from any location. Courses are organized into bite-sized chunks of content that can easily be picked up and put down as needed. Even executives with just a few minutes to spare can now fit some continuing education into their calendars to further hone their professional skill sets.

Incorporating Feedback Through Interactivity

Receiving constructive feedback at regular intervals is a key part of the learning process, helping learners identify which parts of the material they have mastered and which they need to spend more time with. While traditional in-person training theoretically offered plenty of opportunities for feedback from course instructors, most courses had far too many students for the instructors to devote sufficient time and attention to each of them to make this happen.

Using technology, instructional design companies have created courses stuffed with interactive elements. Rather than relegating assessments to just a few quizzes or a final exam, modern training courses provide countless opportunities for participants to test their knowledge and skills as they work through the material.

Games, simulations, mini-quizzes, and other activities all allow learners to gauge how well they are doing every step of the way. If they succeed at these micro-assessments, they will know they are ready to move on. If they fail, they can review the material in question and try again until they achieve a thorough grasp of the topic.

Reaching Personal Milestones

Executive training courses are aimed at high-level professionals with significant work experience under their belts. Very few of these professionals are interested in honing the exact same set of skills, but it was not feasible for traditional training courses to diverge from their standard course curriculum. All participants were given the same instruction in spite of their varying goals.

With digital learning, this overly rigid style of training is a thing of the past. Modern online and blended learning courses offer each participant the chance to pursue their own unique educational journey. After an initial assessment to gauge their competencies, training programs present the learner with a customized path of modules that addresses their weaknesses while skipping over the parts of the curriculum that they have already mastered. This high level of personalization allows modern training courses to offer more value, less wasted time, and a better learning experience all at once.

Experience the Difference Technology Makes

If you are interested in seeing these benefits in action, it’s time to sign up for one of the many healthcare executive training courses offered by The Brooks Group.

Our course catalog covers everything from managed care 101 training to leadership and executive presence. Executives who want to teach specific skills to their team may also want to look into our Learning eXperience custom instructional design consulting services. Contact us for more information on any of our offerings and learn how you can put technology to work for your professional development today.

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