Unlocking Customer Perspectives to Drive Sales Success: The Personal Assessment Report

Catching up on the latest healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech market research is a critical part of any healthcare executive’s role. What if you could get access to research that would deliver revenue-driving insights on your team’s specific strengths, weaknesses, and reputation? With The Brooks Group’s Personal Assessment report, you can. This custom research offering delves deep into your customers’ perceptions of your account management team, giving you the ideal starting point from which to chart further professional development.

The Importance of Customer Satisfaction

As a leader in the healthcare sales industry, your job is to guide the account managers (AMs) on your team toward greater success and higher revenue. Maximizing customer satisfaction is key to achieving this goal. Not only are happy customers often willing to recommend your company to their colleagues, but they also frequently expand the scope of their own purchases over time. Research shows that existing accounts are one of the most lucrative sources of revenue in the pharmaceutical field.

What the Personal Assessment Offers

The Brooks Group’s Personal Assessment custom market research offering provides insight into what your firm’s customers really think about your AM team. These insights span many dimensions of AM performance, including business acumen, marketing ability, and strategic thinking.

During this process, we reach out to key decision-makers (including directors and senior executives) from as many of your client companies as possible to interview them about your AMs’ performance. If they respond, we administer a 4-page assessment covering a range of relevant topics for each sales professional they interact with. We continue this process until we have at least 8 responses for each AM you wish to study.

Once we have this information, we compile the data into an easy-to-read analytical report that points out key highlights from our findings.

Applying Your Findings

Once you have your Personal Assessment report in hand, it’s time to turn the findings into actionable steps for improvement. Knowing your team’s strengths and weaknesses, you can offer each AM a set of training modules that have been chosen specifically to address their personal career challenges. You can even invest in instructional design services to obtain a custom training course built specifically for your team’s needs.

Completing relevant training modules will boost your team’s sales skills without wasting their time on material they already know well. Instead, they will focus their efforts on areas where their skills are falling short of customers’ expectations. This intense and targeted training will quickly yield noticeable improvements in AM performance and significantly increase your customer satisfaction metrics.

Unlock Your Team’s Potential Today

Data-driven learning experiences can give your team a significant advantage over the competition. Invest in their success to improve your customer experience and grow your firm’s revenue one happy customer at a time. Contact The Brooks Group today to commission a Personal Assessment report for your team or to inquire about any of our other industry-leading sales and account management training courses.

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