Brooks Group Simplifies the Complex US Healthcare Markets for You : Sept 8, 2023

As professionals dealing with complex networks of payment systems, healthcare, and pharmaceutical account managers must understand the payment structures of the U.S. healthcare market as well as the health benefits of the products they represent. To help AMs grasp the fundamentals quickly, The Brooks Group has created a managed care 101 training course. Learn more about this course and how you can apply the knowledge it imparts in our post below.

The Importance of Understanding Managed Care

According to McKinsey, the managed care market accounted for 82% of plan type health insurance offerings in 2022. This number is expected to grow even more over time as more and more Americans gain access to managed care plans.

The managed care market has unique needs that must be taken into account when pitching solutions. For example, many managed care customers rely heavily on data when making decisions. If you don’t come ready with detailed statistics on patient outcomes and cost reductions, you are unlikely to win them over.

Healthcare and pharmaceutical account managers who do not tailor their sales pitches specifically to the needs of the managed care market will have a difficult time winning more accounts as this critical sector grows. Now is the time to learn how to navigate this massive market and come out on top during sales negotiations.

About the Course

In our Managed Markets 101 course, we combine our industry expertise with our own healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech market research to bring you a comprehensive summary of how U.S. managed care markets work.

During this course, you will learn:

  • Where funding for U.S. healthcare solutions comes from
  • How to identify key decision makers within a managed care ecosystem
  • What managed care providers need from their healthcare solutions
  • How to differentiate Medicare A, B, C, and D
  • What utilization management and formulary coverages are and why they matter in this line of work
  • Which metrics are used to determine the quality of care being provided
  • Where you can find other reputable sources of information discussing managed care in America

This course is by no means exhaustive and covers only the basics of managed care. However, this simple foundation will be enough to help you better understand what the bulk of your leads are looking for and how to create a succinct value proposition that they will respond to.

Our next round of this course will take place on September 8th. Register now to reserve your spot!

Promoting Excellence in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries

This course is just one of many that The Brooks Group offers. Our suite of professional development training programs includes courses on general sales skills as well as specialized programs that delve deeper into the unique aspects of the healthcare and pharmaceutical market. Contact us today for more information on any of our courses or to commission a custom training course through our instructional design consulting services.

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