About Us

About Us

At The Brooks Group, our industry-leading training programs focus on what we believe to be the #1 most powerful tool you have as a professional – your communication skills.

Providing industry-leading training programs, The Brooks Group is all about effective communications. We ensure you possess the skills to project competence and instill confidence in your ability to get the job done. Whether delivering a high impact executive summary of your strategic plan, leveraging account management skills to gain access to key stakeholders, or conducting a business conversation designed to uncover critical issues – we ensure your executives communicate with internal and external customers clearly and concisely.

Our suite of customizable training programs bring together executives from all industries to hone important account management and communications skills. Our training programs are interactive, have specific learning objectives and are customizable to best suit participants’ goals.

The Brooks Group also provides market research and consulting services for the biotech/pharmaceutical and healthcare industries in the era of healthcare reform.

Corporate Citizenship

Dan Brooks
  • Board Member of Delaware Humane Association
Ryan Evans
  • Springford Youth Wrestling, Royersford, PA
Darrell Fick
  • Member of the University Leadership Network and Texas Leadership Council.
  • Ambassador to The University of Texas Longhorn Foundation working to endow scholarships for Men and Women Student-Athletes in 20 sports.
Matt Toresco
  • Ohio State Lacrosse Alumni Association, providing guidance to graduating student athletes on career choices in healthcare related fields

Ohio State Lacrosse Alumni Association

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