Client Experience


Our marketplace value is ultimately measured by the client relationships we have developed and grown over the years. Our clients tell us that the advice and counsel we offer them change the way they conduct themselves—professionally and personally.

There is a reason the vast majority of our business comes from referrals: clients trust The Brooks Group’s value proposition to translate into repeated success.

Here are just a few examples of feedback we have received from our clients.

Tom DoreRegional Sales Manager, Astellas Pharma US

I learned the importance of taking the time to prepare properly for meetings and doing things for the right reasons and not just because we have always done it that way. Less is more and it's about the audience. The "Tough Crowd" dynamic was very helpful and valuable. In fact, it came into play this morning on my conference call. I was able to diffuse the "mortal enemy" and use supporters to win over the fence sitters! It was awesome as I consciously used the techniques I learned from Dan. The L.A.E.R Model works. I did not know what to expect going into the day, but the program was outstanding and relevant to my job as a manager. There were many pearls!"

Dave CaseSenior Manager, Government Accounts, Federal and State / Medicaid Lead, Astellas Pharma US

Having participated in a number of Pharmaceutical Account Management training sessions and workshops over time, the Brooks Group programs stand out as exceptional experiences and opportunities to sharpen skillsets, while gaining great insight in how to navigate the challenging paths of the healthcare landscape. Each Brooks course I have taken has provided me with new ideas and ways to expand techniques that result in raising-the-bar for further achieving success!"

Leslie MasonAssociate Director US Commercial Training, MMR, Biogen Idec

The Brooks Group is one of the few organizations that truly understands the Managed Markets space. When looking for a valued training partner for Managed Markets, many companies say that they can accomplish this, but few have the knowledge and subject matter experts like the Brooks Group. Their training and facilitators in this space are top-notch and first rate and bring tremendous value to any program. I will continue to utilize the Brooks Group for my Managed Markets training and see them as a valuable partner to my program."

LINDA WHITERN, BSN, Director, Employer Accounts & Workers Comp, DJO Global

Brooks Training is so much more than a "training program". I would call it more of an engaging program. The key to success is to take the ideas learned and immediately practice the knowledge with your own business. For example, it is my standard of practice to use the Executive Summary approach for all of my executive-level meetings. This approach has generated interest in process improvement, which enhances our revenue and increases business with these accounts. It also creates an environment of trust between the two companies. They are willing to take a risk on a proposed program because I will provide them feedback and progress on the program. I felt like I had "arrived" when one the CEOs of my largest customers, where I have presented the Executive Summary in the past, invited a room full of mid-level managers to demonstrate how a professional should present a program. Lastly, the Executive Approach is not just confined to customers, it is a useful tool for change with internal customers as well."

Greg MeadowsSr. VP, Managed Markets, CORAM Specialty Infusion Services

The Brooks Group training not only enabled our account team to hold rates with our key healthcare providers and payers, but by focusing on our value proposition they actually emboldened our team to negotiate increased rates. This increase actually resulted in our team exceeding our own established expectations and budget."

Kevin O'BrienManaged Markets, Endo Pharmaceuticals

I have partnered with the Brooks Group for the past 11 years and 3 companies. Their knowledge across all of managed markets is second-to-none. They can take your team from the basics of the value proposition to complex reimbursement strategies. Whether it is rebates, distribution, or reimbursement, they understand the dynamics of each and how they play on each other. Couple this with the changing market, ACO's, Exchanges, etc., and the Brooks Group becomes a strong partner to help guide you through the changing winds of healthcare."