The Advocate: Supporting the Patient Voice

The Beacon of Patient Advocacy & Patient Centricity for The Pharmaceutical Community

The Advocate seeks to serve as the beacon for the Pharmaceutical Advocacy community to understand the needs of their customers. We look to distill how each organization is viewed by the advocacy community, directly from the mouths of health advocates, to drive internal organization discussions & change from within. Additionally, The Advocate provides benchmarking data to the Pharmaceutical industry to track year over year success. We do this through our yearly syndicated market research assessment that has been in the market for over ten years & ensures in data integrity & reliability. We also utilize this data to guide brand teams, public relations teams, government affairs groups & executive leadership in developing & implementing a “patient-centric” mindset within their organization & implementation plans.


Our team has over 30 years of successful market research experience in the pharmaceutical industry with a combined 20+ years of advocacy research experience focused on elevating the patient voice & the voice of health advocates. Our customers & research sponsors appreciate our annual commitment to seeking out what makes for a great Pharmaceutical Advocacy team by “getting past the check” and focusing on programmatic support, policy support & corporate reputation that is within the control of the Advocacy team only.

Why the Patient Voice?

Focusing on “Patient-Centricity” has been a buzz-word for the pharmaceutical & medical community for over a decade. However, patients, patient advocates and The Advocate are sick of the lip-service. It is time that the pharmaceutical community focus on the actionable data that is the patient voice! We stand with patients & patient advocates in driving the voice of the patient through actionable data to transform “Patient-Centricity.”

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