Employees who participate in a well-structured, engaging new employee onboarding training program are 69% more likely to stay with an organization. In fact, poor onboarding education directly contributes to sky-high turnover rates, swaying as many as 6 in 10 employees to leave organizations.

Executed correctly and efficiently, a strong orientation process can yield a 54% greater new hire productivity and 50% better retention. Is your organizations orientation program measuring up to expectations?

The Brooks Group specializes in innovative orientation packages that get your new employees through the door, over hurdles, up to speed, and comfortably settled into your organization’s culture quickly and effectively.

Custom New Hire Onboarding Training Solutions

New Employee Onboarding Training ProgramsEvery Brooks Group project begins with front-end analysis ensuring we can better assess your team’s needs, direction, and retention objectives to craft a unique onboarding strategy. For large organizations, a fully custom eLearning orientation course provides a helpful introduction to the group’s leadership, offerings, and team expectations. On average, The Brooks Group halves the overall time that teams spend on orientation and onboarding training for new employees, allowing employees to get acclimated to their new environment quicker while limiting the time instructors have to deliver onboarding sessions.

A single initial investment yields years of saved labor hours with potential for unlimited reuse around the clock and around the globe. Complete with branded elements, insightful videos, embedded resources, learning checks, and certificates of completion, The Brooks Group courseware allows organizations to welcome new employees efficiently and consistently from day 1.

Courseware for your employee onboarding training program is created by Brooks Group seasoned instructional designers to ensure optimal learning, delivery and retention strategies are in place. For those looking to supplement eLearning courseware with a live trainer, we can immerse your team members in a facilitated, blended instructor-led training course. Brooks Group’s complete blended packages come with a custom 3D avatar, engaging games, and situational gaming exercises designed to leave a lasting impact. Round out your orientation program with short video learning modules which can be embedded on employee intranets for quick overviews of key policies and procedures.

No matter your organization’s size or mission, The Brooks Group’s orientation programs allow your employees to thrive for years to come! Please contact us below for more information and to request a demo of our new employee onboarding training programs and solutions.