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Carpei Audientiam (Executive Level Presence) – July 24, 2019


Completing Carpei Audientiam will ensure you can communicate clearly and concisely, no matter the situation.

Carpei Audientiam: Executive Level Presence is a skill enhancement program that enables business executives to develop and deliver high impact presentations that drive your business agenda. The program’s objective is to ensure that executives are confident enough to seize the business environment and get the job done (whether internal or external meetings). The program develops the specific skills that move your agenda forward with Key Decision Makers (KDMs), utilizing a “business presentation” format (as opposed to a “speaking” engagement format, where one is addressing a group of people from a prepared script, with little question/answer and interaction).

This program goes beyond traditional presentation skill training to focus on the critical factors of utilizing Platform Power when presenting to strategic-level personnel (those individuals who have profit and loss responsibility and the leverage in the organization to make quick and substantial decisions).

Class Description

Learn how to successfully engage the “Tough Crowd”. How to identify your “supporters”, pull the “fence sitters” over to your solution, and minimize the “mortal enemy” (most of us make the mistake of attempting to win them over and thereby see our recommendations derailed). You will never win over the “mortal enemy.” Stop wasting your precious time on that futile objective.

In the final analysis the techniques in Carpei Audientiam will provide you with the highest probability of gaining the decisions and support you need to achieve your business and financial objectives. Decisions that will impact your career!

  • Concisely deliver your Executive Summary
  • Get yourself Power Introduced from an authority figure that the audience respects
  • Read the audience & engage them based on their response to your value proposition
  • Proactively engage the “Tough Crowd” to prevent your meetings from being de-railed
  • Close powerfully with a clear plan of action and next steps

Any executive who must engage an audience (whether internal or external decision makers) and gain their buy-in to your value proposition & thereby secure the resources for your business objectives.


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