Healthcare Market Research

Equity Scan

Gaining insights into customer’s opinions about your organization can help you understand your company’s overall strengths and weaknesses across a variety of customized metrics. The Brooks Group’s Equity Scan research measures those experiences and perceptions and provides measurable comparisons across a group of defined customers. The Equity Scan will reveal how customers think and feel and their personal viewpoints and will compliment your existing market research and internal analysis.

Ideally, the Equity Scan measurement will include both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Qualitative interviews can further explore customer perceptions.

The Equity Scan can be administered year-over-year to provide your company with a longitudinal assessment.

  • Corporate Image
  • Unbranded Programs
  • Communicating clinical information & credibility
  • Patient Support Programs
  • Educational Programs & Services
  • Account Management
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Differential Access Score

The Equity Scan will:

  • Provide insights into the needs of your critical customers
  • Reveal the overall performance of your company compared to your competition
  • Capture the customer’s perception of your team’s knowledge of the products & services they represent
  • Reveal the ability of your team to communicate clinical & source credibility
  • Let you understand the most valuable educational programs & services
Equity Scan