Healthcare Market Research

Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer is a customer-driven feedback process which enables field facing
personnel to be evaluated on a customized set of metrics approved by an organization’s
leadership team relative to their competitors.


  • Gauge targeted customers’ experiences and perceptions of account managers and
    management of their account
  • Determine priorities for skill and knowledge enhancement by identifying strengths and
    areas for improvement
  • Adjust account management plans to better meet customers’ needs
  • Evaluate account manager best practices to disseminate
  • Understand performance gaps, and develop ideas to close them

Research Approach:

  • Data for this primary research collected through web-based and mail surveys
  • All participants are from customer’s targeted accounts
  • Metrics can be customized based on Organization’s competencies
  • Individual reports will be developed to provide targeted feedback and can provide input into a
    company’s annual review process.
Voice of the Customer