Market Research

The Brooks Group Market Research Team is focused on enhancing the impact of marketing programs, building strategies, and improving the performance of sales professionals in the healthcare industry. Our team has real-world experience in marketing, sales, supplier management, national accounts/managed care, and reimbursement. Because all of our team members have held significant management positions within major corporations, we understand the necessity of helping customers achieve their strategic and financial endpoints.

Our significant industry experience gives us the ability to drive lines of questioning that elicit far better information and answers than traditional research companies. This experience also allows us to develop insights and recommendations that exceed other companies’ conclusions.


Our market research team has built a robust database of more than 3,500 key contacts at leading healthcare groups, including Medical Directors, Pharmacy Directors, Quality Directors, Senior-Level Executives, and decision-makers at influential provider networks, including hospital systems, integrated delivery networks, and physician medical groups. Our ability to tap into this rich source of insight is part of what differentiates The Brooks Group from the competition.

ADVOCATE: Supporting the Patient Voice:

Syndicated annual evaluation of pharmaceutical manufacturers’ engagement with patient advocacy groups. The Brooks Group pulses over a hundred Advocacy organizations in 15 different therapeutic areas to understand “who’s doing it right” with regards to programmatic and policy tactics. Understand how your organization ranks compared to your competitors and evaluate ways you can meet the needs of today’s Advocacy groups.

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