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Workshops can all be customized to your team’s business reality

The Brooks Group offers industry-leading training programs for both client-facing team members and internal teams focused in the healthcare space. Our Open Enrollment programs are ideal for individuals or small groups. We limit class sizes to 14 individuals for all Open Enrollment programs. We hold these sessions at our corporate facility in downtown West Chester, PA. We offer customized, off-site training programs as well. Any of our training programs will be customized to meet your team’s needs.

All of our training programs are interactive and have specific learning objectives.

Account Management Excellence


This program is a comprehensive curriculum of skill-building delivered both in the classroom and as interactive assignments to be completed in the field. These business processes provide the professional skills to prepare participants for future success as Account Managers in healthcare, and improve skills for current Account Managers. Skill development coursework includes:

  • Business to Business Conversation Model
  • Executive Level Presence
  • Strategic Account Planning
  • Critical Thinking & Innovation

Directors can be confident that current and prospective Account Managers who have completed the program are able to craft and position a superior value proposition that resonates with key decision-makers and provide world-class account management aligned to the priorities of customers in key accounts.

Next Session: Sept. 27-29, 2022 & Nov. 8-10, 2022

Executive Level Presence


Executive Level Presence is a skill enhancement program that enables business executives to develop high impact deliveries that drive their business agenda. The program’s objective is to ensure that team members can proactively seize the business environment (whether internal management or external customers) and get the job done. Learning objectives include:

  • Concisely deliver your “Executive Summary”
  • Master the “Power Introduction”
  • Read and engage the audience based on their response to your value proposition
  • Proactively engage the “Tough Crowd”
  • Close powerfully with a clear plan of action


Strategic Thinking & Planning

This workshop is designed to set the foundation in your organization’s strategic planning process. Learn and implement the critical “issues”-based strategic planning process which will enable you and your team to focus all resources on overcoming your barriers to business success. Participants are exposed to several critical thinking tools to help them assimilate a PEST (Political, Economic, Social, Technological) analysis for their market and pressure test this to have a strong grasp on today’s industry drivers. Learning objectives include:

  • Implement a strategic planning framework
  • Triangulate your PEST & SWOT analysis into prioritized opportunities
  • Utilize critical thinking processes to enhance strategic thinking
  • Identify your key business issues
  • Craft strategies & supporting tactics to overcome your issues 


Accessing & Integrating at Strategic Levels

Accessing & Integrating at Strategic Levels helps participants develop the skills necessary to access & integrate with Key Decision Makers within their customers & understand their key business issues in the era of healthcare reform. You will understand how communication networks & organizational dynamics influence customer decision making, and utilize this information to develop unique solutions that benefit both customers & your organization. Learning objectives include:

  • How to access Key Decision Makers in your priority accounts
  • Understand organizational dynamics and communication and how it influences decision making in Centers of Excellence, IDNs, PBMs, GPOs, etc.
  • Develop unique solutions that benefit both your organization & the customer
  • Utilize the Gapping Diamond that enables you to understand customer’s key business issues


Managed Markets 101

This workshop will introduce and simplify the complex U.S. healthcare market. As a new Account Manager or Sales Rep calling on regional payers, IDNs or Health Systems, we will break down who pays for healthcare in the U.S. You will be provided with a participant manual containing key slides prior to the workshop so you can familiarize yourself with the various segments & terminology. Learning objectives include:

  • Provide an Overview of the U.S. Healthcare Market
  • Define Managed Care
  • Identify the “Payers”: Government, Employers & Intermediaries
  • Breakdown Health Plans, Pharmacy Benefit Managers, Specialty Pharmacies and IDNs
  • Differentiate Medicare A, B, C & D
  • Discuss Utilization Management & Formulary Coverage
  • Describe the Various Quality Metrics
  • Provide Sources for Managed Care Information
Next Session: October 28, 2022

Value-Based Negotiations

This strategic initiative is designed to enhance the skills in negotiating & related skills, including analytical/critical thinking. We will implement a value-based negotiation model versus a win-lose model. The Brooks Group believes that negotiating is a component of the sales cycle & that negotiations should be integrated with ongoing strategies & tactics versus being approached as a standalone event. This approach will allow participants to develop & position more comprehensive value propositions that create negotiating leverage with customers & allow them to negotiate from a position of strength. Skills and competencies addressed:


  • Critical and analytical thinking (how to avoid negotiating to the lowest alternative)
  • Customer knowledge (intimately knowing an account/customer)
  • Negotiating internally and externally with confidence
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Communication/persuading/building advocacy

Work with us to design custom training courses for your executives

For groups larger than 12, we offer customized, off-site training programs. Any of our Open Enrollment offerings (Carpei Audientiam: Executive Level Presence, Account Management, or Strategic Thinking & Planning) will be customized to meet your team’s needs.

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