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Executive Engagement

This course is designed to develop and enhance your business relationships with your key customers by developing innovative and differentiating account management skills. In today’s crowded pharmaceutical markets, the need for access and integration to key decision makers within your accounts is critical.

In the era of health care reform and the transition from pay for procedure to reimbursement for patient quality outcomes, the Account Manager’s (AM) ability to gain access to key customer decision makers, understand their critical business issues, and craft and position the resulting value proposition is more critical than ever. Given the tremendous consolidation in the healthcare industry, pharmaceutical decisions are being driven into the hands of fewer influencers who are having increasing clout. Thus managing the relationship between key accounts comes with an enormous amount of responsibility. You, the AM, must have the ability and confidence to engage key executives at all levels of the account.

The Executive Engagement program will prepare you to interact effectively with customers at a strategic, as well as, operational level based on your understanding of their business issues.


Upon completion of this portion of the program, you will be able to:

  • List the individuals within organized customer groups (Payors, IDNs, ACOs) who have a role in making decisions that impact pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • Describe the job responsibilities of each individual.
  • Describe the individual needs of decision makers in your accounts.
  • Describe their perspectives regarding pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • Describe the opportunities and potential barriers in working with key decision makers.
  • Profile key decision makers from one of your key accounts.
  • Describe the Gapping process and its role in conducting business conversations.
  • Implement an effective process for understanding your customers’ key issues that benefit your customers.
  • Develop Gapping questions that apply to the four quadrants of the Gapping diamond.
Continuing Professional Education Credit

Participants who require credit through NASBA or SHRM can expect 6 credits for completing this program. Please note that the number of credits is subject to change, please contact us to confirm the number of credit hours is current.

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