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Seize Your Audience Project Competence Instill Confidence You can get the Job Done

Executive Level Presence

Completing Carpei Audientiam will ensure you can communicate clearly and concisely, no matter the situation.

Carpei Audientiam is a skill enhancement program that enables business executives to develop and deliver high impact presentations that drive your business agenda. The objective of this healthcare executive training program is to ensure executives are able to seize their business environment (whether standing or seated; internal or external meeting), project competence, and instill confidence that they can get the job done. The program develops the specific skills that move an agenda forward with Key Decision Makers (KDMs), utilizing a “business presentation” format (as opposed to a “speaking” engagement format where one is addressing a group of people from mostly prepared script, with little question/answer and interaction).

This program goes beyond traditional presentation skill training to focus on the critical factors of utilizing Platform Power when presenting to strategic-level personnel; those individuals who have profit and loss responsibility and the leverage in the organization to make quick and substantial decisions.



The Script: This module’s objective is to define how to build a presentation for maximum impact. It covers the often-overlooked skills involved in building content that captures the attention of KDMs and all observers. Specific topics of discussion include objective setting, quantification of the proposal, strategic focus, concise and logical structuring of the material, relevancy of the content to the customer’s business, and finally the need to make the presentation content as graphic as possible.

Casting: This module’s objective is to uncover the elements of our personal styles that create impact – be it positive or negative. KDMs will often make their decision on these criteria alone, and it usually happens within minutes of beginning the presentation. Participants will have the opportunity to practice specific application of skills taught around use of hands, voice, eyes, and the body; in a seated or standing presentation. This practice is essential to ensure that your executives not only know the processes and skills, but have the confidence to implement them in all future business settings.

Touchstone: This module points out to participants that they need not be alone on the platform. With preplanning they will coordinate with a touchstone in the audience; supporters who are observing and will send basic signals on the conduct of the meeting; volume (low is perceived by audiences to indicate lack of confidence), time, inserting planted questions, delivering supporting data and statements. Effective use of touchstones results in the audience perception that they derived at the recommended solution themselves vs. being “sold” by the person on the platform.

Showtime: This module’s objective is how to plan, execute and manage the critical details involved in successful business presentations. It focuses on how to best use various presentation media (i.e., flip charts, computers, and handouts) and how to handle major unexpected scenarios and contingencies. Participants are challenged to implement these processes to conduct more effective meetings; ones that are acknowledged by the customer as different and more efficient than any they have participated in before, recognize your executives for it, and ultimately ask themselves, “who do I want to do business with?”

The Tough Crowd: This module’s objective is to address how to handle an audience who is less than cooperative – “The Tough Crowd”. Participants learn the four principle personality types in corporate meetings and more critically how to identify supporters, isolate detractors, and most importantly, win over those critical fence sitters (research shows that consensus among this group is where most decisions are made in corporate America). Participants will have the opportunity to role-play engaging tough audiences and discuss the best ways to handle the challenges presented.


Upon completion of this healthcare executive leadership training, participants will have the skills to:

  • Develop content for effective business presentations
  • Brand presentations to engage audience, enhance retention, and sustain professional image
  • Deliver presentations using proven platform techniques
  • Manage individual distractions that occur during presentations
  • Effectively use media tools to support verbal messages
  • Identify and manage varying types of audience participants members (Tough Crowd)
  • Purposefully create audience interaction to drive presentation success
  • Manage the presentation environment to support audience comfort, attention, and drive the business agenda
  • Demonstrate physical presence in a variety of situations
  • Project a professional and sophisticated image

Participants can take the Executive Level Presence program by either registering for one of the open-enrollment sessions at The Brooks Group (see schedule here) or by a custom course with your team/organization. Please contact us below for more information on this workshop and options for the healthcare executive training for your organization, or sign up here

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Ever Need to Present in Front of Internal or External Colleagues

This program will ensure you are competent and confident when presenting to your peers, whether it be an internal or external meeting

An Executive Looking to Sharpen Your Skills

The program develops the specific skills that move your agenda forward with Key Decision Makers.

Need to Enhance Your "Platform Power" in Front of a Group

This program goes beyond traditional presentation skill training to focus on the critical factors of utilizing Platform Power when presenting to strategic-level personnel; those individuals who have profit and loss responsibility and the leverage in the organization to make quick and substantial decisions.

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