Value-Based Negotiations

This strategic initiative is designed to enhance the skills in negotiating & related skills, including analytical/critical thinking. We will implement a value-based negotiation model versus a win-lose model. The Brooks Group believes that negotiating is a component of the sales cycle & that negotiations should be integrated with ongoing strategies & tactics versus being approached as a standalone event. This approach will allow participants to develop & position more comprehensive value propositions that create negotiating leverage with customers & allow them to negotiate from a position of strength.

  • Critical and analytical thinking (how to avoid negotiating to the lowest alternative)
  • Customer knowledge (intimately knowing an account/customer)
  • Negotiating internally and externally with confidence
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Communication/persuading/building advocacy
  1. Review negotiation principles
  2. Reinforce a process & framework to help you negotiate more successfully
  3. Discuss the planning and preparation that should occur in negotiations
  4. Practice applying the process to reach your objectives
  5. Understand what motivates people & how that impacts negotiations
  6. Build a tailored Value Proposition
  7. Use questioning techniques to uncover important information from the other parties
  8. Understand the importance of trust
  9. Simulate specific client negotiation scenarios
  10. Develop options/alternatives for use in negotiations


This Training is Ideal If You Are

Looking to Enhance Your Skills in Negotiations

Negotiations is a key concept to master to ensure success in your professional (and personal) life. Whether it be an internal meeting or external meeting, understanding the value-based negotiations model will help you negotiate more effectively and achieve your objectives.

An Existing Pharma Account Manager Negotiating with Customers

This Value-Based Negotiations workshop will give you the tools you need to succeed in negotiating in the pharmaceutical space.

A Pharma, Biotech, or Healthcare Company Looking to Train your AMs

If you’re looking to enhance your team’s skills in negotiating, The Brooks Group can tailor this course to meet your needs.

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For groups larger than 12, we offer customized, off-site training programs. Any of our Open Enrollment offerings (Carpei Audientiam: Executive Level Presence, Account Management, or Strategic Thinking & Planning) will be customized to meet your team’s needs.

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