The Strategic Thinking & Planning Program is  designed for any client-facing employee, manager or executive.

This program develops the knowledge and mindset of Account Managers (AMs) and other client-facing employees to move beyond their day-to-day “responding to fire drills” mentality and focus on achieving their strategic business objectives. During the course, the AMs examine and agree to the organization’s PEST (political, economic, social, technology), SWOTs (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats), as well as their Key Issues (barriers to success). Next, the AMs establish their financial and business objectives for the duration of the plan. Objectives are specific and measureable in order to determine if they were met over the lifetime of the plan (normally one year).

Brooks Group has performed this type of training for 12 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the nation, as well as for a similar number of specialty and biotech companies, over the past seventeen years, consistently receiving extremely high marks for the relevance, usefulness, engagement, and outcomes of the course.


Upon completion of this program, Account Managers will have greater ability to:

  • Think beyond the day-to-day, “responding to fire drills” mentality
  • Build ambitious, but realistic and achievable strategies to meet established business objectives
  • Develop a tactical implementation action plan to support the strategies
  • Create and present an ROI-focused business case
  • Enhance the organization’s ability to move beyond politics and focus efforts on critical business issues
  • Concisely share their plan with all key stakeholders

Participants who require credit through NASBA or SHRM can expect 5 credits for completing this program. Please note that the number of credits is subject to change, please contact us to confirm the number of credit hours is current.

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